Paraiso Volcano Lodge

A paradise to discover in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Paraiso Volcano Lodge


A place full of tranquility, surrounded by nature and a cool climate await you.

Paraiso Volcano Lodge

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 At Paraiso Volcano Lodge you will find a lot of activities and things to do.

Paraiso Volcano Lodge

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Paraiso Volcano Lodge is a family business that offers personalized attention to our clients, we also offer a map with information about the activities that can be done in the Miravalles Volcano.

We are in the Miravalles Volcano, a cool climate awaits you, stay with us, enjoy our meals and discover a very beautiful area, Paraíso Camping Lodge is located in a strategic point no more than 10 minutes from the main attractions offered by the Volcano Miravalles, such as: thermal water spas, canopies, volcanic activity, waterfall tours, and trekking to the top of the volcano.
We are located on the slopes of the Miravalles Volcano, 10 kilometers north of Guayabo de Bagaces, Guanacaste, on the way to Aguas Claras, in a small town called Guayabal.

We have a small restaurant, with a menù, for people with different tastes, local food, and vegan.

Paraiso Camping Lodge

Our location is 10km north of Guayabo de Bagaces, Guanacaste, on the way to Aguas Claras in a small town called Guayabal.

Bagaces, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

You can arrive by rental car to this location, you can also arrive by bus, taking it in Liberia Guanacaste, or taking one from San Jose, stop Pulmitan, take the one that goes to Aguas Claras, leave at 2 pm, passing the front of Paradise 7 p.m.

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